Electro-Physical transmutation (E-PT™)

The Quantum kinetic well®

“Particle Oscillations as an Energy Generator.”

The Aurora Borealis is nature’s mechanism for safe atomic transmutation reactions. The effervescent oscillations of the Aurora Borealis is nature’s ionic filter for cleaning/scrubbing the atmosphere. 

“…those originating in solar wind/magnetosheath have characteristic energies of order 100eV, those starting in the plasma-sheet have energies of order 1KeV, while those found in the night-side auroral zone itself have energies in the range of ~2 – 20KeV.” – The Basics of Auroral Emission by Iver Cairns – USYD

Quantum Kinetic Well® electrically triggers low nuclear reactions safely without Electron Townsend Runaway events (uncontrollable explosions).

Electro-Physical Transmutation (E-PT)™ is electrical stimulation of synthetic Aurora Borealis type events. This synthetic version of this dynamic quantum process is patented and trademarked by Quantum Kinetics Corporation. We can now control and vector Nature’s atomic cleaning process effectively for a wide array of industry applications. 

The process yields several forms of energy including the emissions of 0.7KeV – 30KeV X-ray photons.

Synthetically driven radioactive beta decay is here.

“Imagination will often carry us to the worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.” –Carl Sagan

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Aurora Borealis picture originally taken by Marcelo Quinan
Natures filtration system at work
Freshwater and Seawater isotope manipulation by the Quantum Kinetic Well® phenomenon (E-PT™): (a) Deuterium concentration values of freshwater. (b) Deuterium concentration of seawater. (c) Oxygen-18 values of freshwater. (d) Oxygen-18 values of seawater. Note: The device influences isotope values even when there is no input power to the device i.e. (Chamber Blanks). Results suggest similar values to the North and South polar regions of Earth.