The Quantum kinetic Fusor™

“Particle Oscillations as an Energy Generator.”

The Quantum Kinetic Fusor™ (10) is a revolutionary new type of isotope editing machine. It is a modular, scalable, and highly efficient Safe Nuclear reactor. It is turning out to be one of the “Super-stars” of our technology lineup.

This device uses voltage (11, 12) perturbations along with fluxing magnetic field lines (40) to induce Safe Nuclear events (electron re-normalization) at low power at 1.9 – 4.2 watt/sec. 

The QKF™ can reach Safe Nuclear plasma temperatures of 11.6 to 150 million degrees Kelvin (1keV to 13.6keV) with fresh water (21) and distilled water (21). It can reach even higher temperatures with seawater (21). The potential implications of this single device is seemingly boundless.

The Quantum Kinetic Fusor™ (10) can be used for water purification, element transmutation (E-PT™), ambient air carbon sequestering, fabrication of unique elements, and even produce green hydrogen on demand.


-Low Cost Hydrogen/Oxygen Production

-Transmutation of Radioactive Elements / Wastewater (E-PT™)

-Removal of Forever Chemicals (PFAS)

-Arsenic Removal

-Long Term Hydrogen Storage Synthesized Hydride Materials

-Water Purification

-Tritium Removal / Extraction

-Carbon Sequestration

-Biological Enhancement Stimulation of Biosphere / Oceans

-Carbon based hydride / Metal-hydride / Quantum Dots (QDs)


Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark.” –Carl Sagan

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