The Quantum kinetic well®

“Particle Oscillations as an Energy Generator.”

Our product lines are revolutionary. Industry can use them for new processes or to retrofit older devices and thereby enhance efficiency, improve production and/or clean the environment. Here are several possible applications of E-PT™:


1. Atomic Transmutation (Up to Uranium)

2. Radioactive Waste Water Treatment

3. Organic Hybrid Metal Carbon Hydride (>7-11 wt%)

4. Carbon Sequestering Ambient Air

5. Biological Index Stimulation of Seawater / River Water

6. Efficient Hydrogen & Oxygen Harvesting from Water

7. Electron Harvesting from Dielectric Mediums (Safe Nuclear)

8. Hydrogen Production & Long-Term Hydrogen Storage

9. New forms of X-ray Imagining Machines / Lasers


These are just a few of the products from Quantum Kinetic Corporation. Please, visit our “Contact” page to inquire about applications/leasing/renting/consulting for your specific industry.

“For myself, I like a universe that includes much that is unknown and, at the same time, much that is knowable.” –Carl Sagan

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