Quantum Dots

The Quantum kinetic dots™

“Particle Oscillations as an Energy Generator.”

Quantum Kinetics Corporation’s synthesized Quantum Kinetic Dots™ (QKDs) are the future of energy storage. The Quantum Kinetic Dots™ (QKDs) are nano-spherical/nano-tube crystals, which have unique characteristics…

QKC can economically manufacture a variety of atomic latticed Quantum Kinetic Dots™ (QKDs). As they say, “Big things come in small packages.”

Industry application of ‘traditional’ Quantum Dots (QDs) range from nano-semiconductors, RAM technology, medical applications, cancer treatments, solid-state batteries, energy harvesting, and long term hydrogen storage (hydride).

The Quantum Kinetic Well® technology makes unique nano-product(s) possible with low energy inputs known as Safe Nuclear reactions i.e. Electro-Physical Transmutation (E-PT™).

Images on the right show results using an electron microscope at the University of Washington’s Molecular Analysis Facility (MAF).

This technology is only limited to the imagination of the mind and spirit.


“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” –Carl Sagan

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(a) MAP image of Safe Nuclear material synthesized as Quantum Kinetic Dots™ (QKDs) at room temperature.
(b) SEM of Quantum Kinetic Dots™ (QKDs) manufactured from room temperature Safe Nuclear reactions. Image by University of Washington’s Molecular Analysis Facility (MAF).
(c) Hybrid Metal Carbo-Hydride Spectrum of Quantum Kinetic Dots™ (QKDs).