Quantum kinetic well®

Quantum Kinetics Corporation currently offers the following services:

– Sustained Electro-Physical Transmutation.

– Low-cost isotopic revision and management.

– Commercial wastewater decontamination systems.

– Information relating to installing and maintaining: electrical systems, energy generating machinery, and renewable energy reactor systems.

– Technical consulting in the field of alternative energy generation.

– Research and development of safe nuclear products.

– Product research, development, research information related to the development of electrical generating machinery, and renewable energy subsystems.

– Licensing of our intellectual property for the purpose of creating, manufacturing, distributing products utilizing pulsed resonance electrical reactors, for example, electrolysis machines generating green hydrogen, unique magnetic isotope gases, heavy isotope metals, meta-stable (pseudo-morph) heavy elements, water purification by transmutation, radioactive waste transmutation, stimulation of biological index (BIX), calcium-oxide coral reef rejuvenation, fabrication of organic dendrite carbo-hydrides (wt > 7%), synthetic meteoroids (quantum-dots), clean burning coal, CO2 sequestration, water injector thrusters, electron (electricity harvesting) from any dielectric (air, water, liquid metals, vacuum of space), land vehicles, electric vehicles, air vehicles, and water vehicles.

If you are researching or developing nuclear devices for industry, a clear pathway to safe nuclear is the Quantum Kinetic Well®.




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The patented, trademarked, and fully functional Arc Reactor™ next to the PulseTor SDD – EUV / X-Ray detector.

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